Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1. Sense of place: Organise a trip to Sydney’s West as a group. Travel by public transport, eat out at a local eatery and visit local sights. Submit photos of yourselves in front of a local sign as evidence. Submit also a short joint reflection on your experiences, detailing why you picked this particular place to visit, what you expected, and what you found. NOTE: At least four of your five group members should be present on this fieldtrip. I would prefer all, but realise it is hard to coordinate schedules in all cases.

Sense of place:
As a group we decided to visit Parramatta, as this was the easiest location for all of us to catch public transport to whether from uni or our homes. As Bryce and I (David) live in Western Sydney we very much knew what to expect from Parramatta; whilst Emma hadn't visited Parramatta before. After meeting up at the station from catching a bus/train to Parramatta we proceeded to walk down Church Street, where we were greeted by the usual busy Parramatta streets at lunchtime.

Walking down Church Street we saw the old water fountain that I used to play on as a child, numerous shops owned by people of various nationalities as well as town Hall. After wandering around the streets of Parramatta we then decided to head to Westfield shopping centre for a bite to eat. Once again in Westfield we noted the vast amount of different nationalities with a wide range of food nationalities to choose from in the food court. After lunch we then parted ways in order to return to our various suburbs of residency.

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