Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5. PlaceandCulture:InMaoritradition,speechesoftenbeginwithsituatingthespeakerthrough their connections to land and people. This protocol is called mihimihi. Write a mihimihi that connects you to the land and people of the place you call home


Ko Mazada 6 te waka
My canoe is Mazada 6
Ko Winston te maunga
My mountain is Winston
Ko Toongabbie te awa
My river is Toongabbie
Ko Connolly te iwi
My tribe is Connolly
Ko Friends te hapū
My sub tribe is Friends
Ko Mother te rangatira
Mother is the chief
Ko Home te marae
My marae is Home
Ko David ahau
I am David

I believe this protocol is quite similar to others I have previously heard, it addresses land; Mountain and River; family, owner of land, sacred places and name.
The elements I found most difficult was that of a sacred meeting place. Personally I don't have anywhere that I call sacred but I find my home to be the most peaceful and reflective place and therefore named it as my 'marae'.

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