Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2.2. Productionandconsumption:Chooseonecommodityinyourhome.Research,thenmapoutona world map the global connections of this one commodity (this can include historical connections as well as the actual connections of that commodity – e.g. potatoes were first grown in South America).

Production and Consumption
Commodity: A raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold
The Legend of Kaldi in the Ethiopian highlands explains the discovery of Coffee when he discovered his goats becoming restless and unable to sleep after eating the berries from a certain tree. Kaldi showed a local abbot who then made the berries into a drink that kept him awake for many hours. The news of this drink soon spread east where it reached the Arabian Peninsula and from there spread around the globe.
Currently, coffee is grown in Asia, Africa, Central and South America along with the islands of the Caribbean and Pacific. It is a product that is world renowned for its taste and its energetic properties.
Fast Facts:
  • A coffee seed takes 3-4 years before it grows into a tree able to produce beans
  • Seeds are planted in nurseries for 6 -12 months before being transplanted to the fields
  • The trees produce a small fruit known as the coffee cherry and in the centre of each cherry is two coffee beans
  • Harvesting requires hand picking
  • 4000 beans are needed to produce 1 pound of roasted coffee beans
  • After the process of husking, sorting and bagging the beans are shipped to countries to be manufactured and consumed.
  • Manufacture includes the roasting and grinding of coffee beans or the production of instant coffee

Illy - 100% Arabaica Beans
  • Grown in Brazil
  • DNV's "Responsible Supply Chain Process" Certificate
  • The product was manufactured in Trieste, Italy
  • Imported to Australia by Caffe Espresso
  • Purchased at our local Bakery

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